Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.   We are a mom and daughter creative team, artistic duo.  We bond over Starbucks and anything creative.   


 I am a self-taught artist.  For years, I worked in management and service jobs and I dabble in different artist endeavours.  I doodled.  I was a calligrapher.  I was a cake decorator. I knitted.  I was a card-maker/scrapbooker.  Anything creative, I pretty much have tried.  It was all a hobby but really dreamed of taking the plunge and share all of passion I have.  All of the items you see in our store, are made by Caitlyn or I, jointly as a collab, or severally.   I hope you enjoy our creations and please do not hesitate contacting us to let us know what you are looking for.


A little bit about me :D

My name is Caitlyn, and I’m a self-taught mixed media artist in high school.  I’ve been creating art since I was two years old, and I would draw with/on whatever I could get a hold of. My experience ranges from Copic markers; water, oil and acrylic paint; digital art; crafts and sewing; ink drawing; and many more. 

I have loved yellow and bunnies since I was young. I love anime and Nintendo games such as Pokemon, Animal Crossing, SSBU, etc. I love Undertale, rock music, cheesy pasta and English class. I play multiple instruments like the bari & alto saxophone, bass, ukulele, violin and a bit of piano. 

I dislike kiwis. One Fear.

My dream is to become a concept artist and do what I love for a living, but for now, I’m making stickers, tees, digital art and downloadables, and doing commissions to help me save up for art school.


Thank you for stopping by and supporting a small business!

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